University Application Service

University Application Service

Unlike Europe, admission process for chinese universities is much easier and fee is affordable too.

Following documents are normally needed for almost 50% universities

  • Passport front and 2 blank pages scan
  • 10+ 2. Or HSC. Or. A level passing certificate scan
  • Address and contact number

And than need to fill the application form.

You may also require to submit the following

  • Police Clearance report from your local police station
  • Medical Check up report

All the given documents are needed in jpg scan format.

Choose your university and send us given documents at


which university is suitable for me and why?
We give you atleast 5 universities choice for your desired major, with fee varying from 2000 US Dollar per year to 8000 US Dollar per year, than you can choose a university according to your Financial status.
How would i trust a third party( Consultant) ?
We are not saying we are best choice for you, but we are saying check reviews of our students, which they put on our facebook pages. You will find enough proofs of satisfaction And 2ndly, on your arrival you will find that how much money you have saved by applying through SIC.
Why do I need the admissions officer to be my application consultant? What are the advantages and benefits?
The admission of higher education in China has a complex system that has evolved over the past 100 years. Every school tends to admit students, and each of them tends to have different standards of admission. As foreign students who want to study in China, they are often confused and confused by a great deal of intermediary information and Internet information from their own countries. Foreign students often lack the real authority of the voice and tell you what kind of paperwork is good, and what strategies your dream school should use. Compared to other intermediary agencies uneven quality of personnel, there is no more than the examination of hundreds of students of the instrument, decided whether hundreds of students admitted experts, more "reliable" consultant. The experts at SIC, their experience, understanding, experience, business rules, is the number of years of experience and thousands of cases of accumulation, these experiences may be used in the critical period of your life, can really help you out of confusion, to the dream
What is the difference between SIC and the general study abroad agency?
SIC is not an intermediary for studying abroad, but a high-end consulting institution for study abroad. In mainland China, the study agencies usually cooperate with universities with low ranking in the country. The universities also return tuition fees to the study abroad agents. SIC is firmly opposed and will never adopt such a business model. Fujikado to provide students with the education consulting service is the general service mode in the world, namely the private entrance consultant mode, our consultants as students private counselors, students are responsible for the application process, responsible for the result of the application. The students we serve are not only from Asia, but also from North America, Europe and the middle east. We are based in Chinese schools, provide the most powerful personal background lifting scheme (practice and research opportunities), also provide a range of the world's most elite consulting resources to help foreign students to apply for.
How much is the service charge for SIC? Will it be expensive?
Since SIC's service is tailored to each student's condition, different students usually fare differently. The main considerations include the difficulty of application, the number of applications and the cycle of service. But even if SIC's services are unique in the marketplace, the cost of the service is still quite competitive and will never exceed the usual budget range for an application.
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