CSC Scholarship procedure

Register at '' Fill the online application and submit, than dawnload the submitted online application form
Dawnload the filled form and get two prints, than post the printed form along all copies of your educational certificates to university and csc office beijing
Must fill the agency number of that university for which you are going to apply.

note: must fill agency number of the university at the top of the form. Last date to apply is 30 th april and try to submit online application as soon as possible, for fe universities may be 28 March too.

And plz also check university website for details too. For few universities requirments are slight more but basic procedure is given up. And only trust official website of a university ending with " "

Questions/Answers regarding recommendation letters / Documents submission / Searching a relevant major for CSC, Provincial, city or Confuscius Scholarships

  • Recommendation letter must be given by an associate professor atleast , with his own or Institution stamp, institution and country doesn't matter alot.
  • You can apply for csc scholarship if u already didn't win scholarship from csc, if u have scholarship from university, province , confuscius or city Scholarship , you can apply for csc. But better choose university other than u r already studying. And you can apply for higher level scholarship through csc if duration between graduation and starting time of nect level is 1 year.