Bohai University

Bohai University

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


The school has established 16 exchanges and cooperative relations with 23 institutions of higher learning and educational institutions in the United States, Germany, Britain, Japan, Korea, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Burundi and other countries. The school as a Chinese government scholarship to study abroad students to train institutions, received a total of 40 countries and regions of the students to school, exchange of scholars to give lectures, while young and middle-aged teachers and outstanding students to study abroad or study, and the University of Burundi The establishment of the Confucius Institute, by the Hanban leadership fully affirmed. In March 2014, the school was approved by the Ministry of Education for the Chinese government scholarship students to teach students to train More >

construction of the school connotation construction is obviously strengthened and the comprehensive strength is significantly improved. The results of the evaluation of the university's strength rankings show that the comprehensive strength and special indexes of the Bohai University are nearly 800 Undergraduate public colleges ranked close to two hundred, the provincial top eight colleges and universities.

School infrastructure is perfect, the library collection of books 2.72 million, equipment and equipment to fully meet the needs of teaching and research. Campus environment beautiful, verdant trees, in 2010 Sohu second national colleges and universities the most beautiful campus competitions ranked eighth, is the national green model units, Liaoning Province afforestation and advanced units and Liaoning Province, safe and civilized campus, Liaoning Province, ecological culture Education Demonstration Base.
The same time as the above-
Bohai University unswervingly adhere to the connotation of the development of the road, unswervingly adhere to the quality and development of the school of thought, determined to adhere to the "one center" to win the "two tackling", the implementation of the "three strategies" "Three projects", the implementation of "133 project" plan, the implementation of excellence in development plans, the implementation of a comprehensive quality management work ideas, established a "building a national first-class disciplines, coordinated development of multi-disciplinary, prominent, well-known high level Comprehensive teaching and research university "goal, developed the" Bohai University Outstanding Development Plan "(2015 - 2035)", to 2030, the 80th anniversary of the school, the Bohai University into a national first-class university, into the national colleges and universities Hundred ranks.

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