Liaoning Shihua University

Liaoning Shihua University

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


Liaoning Petrochemical University is located in Fushun City, Liaoning Province, the beautiful banks of the Hun River, Yishanbangshui, beautiful environment. The school was founded in 1950 in Dalian, is the first new oil industry schools in China; 1953 moved to Fushun school, in 1958 upgraded to Fushun Petroleum Institute, in February 2000 by the China Petrochemical Corporation to Liaoning Province People's Government Leadership, in February 2002 approved by the Ministry of Education changed its name to Liaoning Petrochemical University. March 2010 Liaoning Provincial People's Government and the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC Quartet signed the agreement to build our school.

School 67 years, the school has developed into a petrochemical and petrochemical characteristics, engineering, management, economics, management, education, education, arts and other seven More >

coordinated development of multidisciplinary university. In 2007, the school received an assessment of the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education and achieved excellent results. At present, the school is the Ministry of Education to determine the "excellent engineer education and training program" qualified units, ethnic minority high-level talent base training base, minority undergraduate preparatory training base, Liaoning Province is the shortage of undergraduate training base. At present, has trained more than 110,000 graduates, most of which has become China's oil and petrochemical, coal and other industries technical backbone.

The school covers an area of ??1906 acres, the school building area of ??786,000 square meters, collection of paper books 136.5 million, electronic literature database 30, all kinds of sports venues area of ??nearly 100,000 square meters, teaching and research equipment worth 250 million yuan.

The school has a faculty (Department of Chemical, Chemical and Environmental Sciences) and 16 colleges (Graduate School of Information and Control Engineering, School of Computer and Communication Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, School of Economics and Management, Faculty of Science, Foreign Languages College, School of Physical Education, School of Art and Design, Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, School of Art and Design, School of Art and Design. (MBA), Public Administration (MPA), Accounting (MPAcc) 3 Master's Degree (2) Master's Degree, 12 Master's Degree Programs, 12 Master's Degree Programs, 12 Master's Degree Programs Authorization point. Built two colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, the first-class characteristics of the two disciplines and key disciplines of five key disciplines.

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