North China University of Technology

North China University of Technology

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


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North China University was founded in 1946, formerly known as the National Peking Advanced Industrial Vocational School, in 1985 changed its name to the North University of Technology, in September 1998 to Beijing-based management. After seven decades of wind and rain vicissitudes, and gradually developed into a work-based, arts and financial and financial, with bachelor, master, doctoral level of multi-disciplinary institutions of higher learning. The school is located in the west of Beijing, east of the five rings, the North West, covers an area of ??nearly 500 acres, construction area of ??more than 40 million square meters. Campus neat and elegant, pleasant scenery, green area of ??more than 50%, is one of the top ten beautiful More >

in Beijing.
Wide gathering excellence
More than 15,000 school students, including full-time undergraduate students more than 10,000 people, more than 2,000 graduate students, more than 3,000 adult higher education students, more than 600 students. More than a thousand teachers, with a double academician 1, thousands of people planning high-level talent 4, the national outstanding teachers, national and provincial and ministerial level outstanding contributions to the experts, national and provincial and ministerial level labor model, municipal excellent teachers, teaching Such as the Great Wall scholar, Beijing high-level talent, academic innovation talent, young top-notch talent, Distinguished Professor, municipal youth backbone teachers and other key talent hundred, municipal academic innovation team, Excellent teaching team and other team more than 20.
Teaching in accordance with their aptitude
"Individualized, quality first, comprehensive development" is the school's educational characteristics. The school has a flexible credit system, established a "hierarchical teaching, diversion training, classification talent" training system, fully meet the students self-learning, all-round development, personalized talent needs. The school has established a practical teaching philosophy to improve students' engineering practice ability, engineering design ability, employability and scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial ability training as the core. The school is a national talent training model innovation experimental area and the Ministry of education "excellent engineer education and training" institutions. The school has a master's degree-free qualification and a high level of baseball and softball players.
Multidisciplinary development
The school has 12 colleges, 20 departments, 43 undergraduate majors, covering science, engineering, literature, economics, management, law, art seven disciplines. The school has a national special needs doctoral personnel training project, 19 master's degree a discipline, covering 59 secondary disciplines master's degree authorization, 15 professional degree master's degree, 3 second bachelor degree authorization. The school has a national characteristics of professional construction of three, Beijing characteristics of professional construction point 5, Beijing key construction disciplines 7. The school has a national experimental teaching demonstration center, five Beijing municipal experimental teaching demonstration center, nine provincial key laboratories / engineering research center.
 Research new
School scientific research work to enhance the ability of independent innovation as the main line, take the initiative to serve the country and the capital of economic and social development, give full attention to scientific and technological innovation, high-tech development and application of research and its industrialization has made remarkable achievements in some areas formed a comparative advantage The In recent years, scientific research achievements by the National Science and Technology Progress Award 6, Lu Xun Literature Award 1, provincial and ministerial level awards more than 50. School is the capital of science and technology conditions platform important base of colleges and universities. Schools to adhere to innovation-driven, to promote the combination of production and research, to create a creative base, the establishment of the "capital city of the city smooth traffic", "military and civilian integration of intelligent equipment", "robot", "sponge city and underground space" and other collaborative innovation center Or research institute.
 Humanistic nourishment
School culture accumulated deep, gave birth to the "school of talent, science and talent," and set up a "serious, strict, rigorous" school spirit, formed a "professional spirit, humanistic spirit, entrepreneurial spirit" as the main purpose of the school spirit. The school is the first "civilized campus" in Beijing. It has the first art museum of the National Science and Engineering Institute. It is the cultural and quality education base of the university and the university students in Beijing. It has been awarded the "Capital Civilization Unit" for five consecutive times. School students to carry out the culture, art, science, sports four sections have been 30 years, a campus culture brand. The school opened the National University of the first river founded the school image recognition system (UIS), campus culture all-round, multi-angle integration into the campus life.
 Zhenyu pillars
School for the 27 provinces (cities, districts) enrollment, enrollment areas are into the local undergraduate key batches. School implementation of "OYTF - I want to take off" college students to grow into a series of plans to improve the student mental model, focus on creating excellent style of study. Students in the country and Beijing all kinds of major competitions in the repeated success, more than a thousand times a year to obtain all kinds of rewards; college English four first pass rate for many years far more than the average level of colleges and universities in Beijing; undergraduate graduates one-time employment rate Ranking the average level of Beijing universities; undergraduate enrollment rate of 25%.
 Looking at the world
Schools vigorously promote the open school strategy, and constantly expand the breadth and depth of international exchanges. The school has established intercollegiate relations with more than 60 colleges and universities in 27 countries and regions. The school founded the international college, vigorously carry out teaching and research, teacher-student exchanges, joint training and other forms of cooperation and exchanges. Today, the school selected more than 300 students each year to the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries to learn, attracting 55 countries more than 600 foreign students to school long-term study.

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