Shenyang Urban Construction University

Shenyang Urban Construction University

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China


A young, energetic and energetic University
Shenyang Institute of urban construction, formerly known as the school of urban construction of Shenyang Construction University, was established in July 2000. It was upgraded to an independent university by the Ministry of education in 2013. The school is a full-time university specializing in architectural design, urban and rural planning, civil engineering, road transportation, engineering management, mechanical manufacturing, electronic information and art design.
The advantages of discipline and specialty are obvious
Set of professional schools focus on the needs of economic and social development and the needs of talent market, the construction of national construction industry and town, the industry has a distinct advantage, consists of 7 lines (College) 1, the existing engineering, management More >

and art disciplines in three categories. With 23 undergraduate courses and 9 Higher Vocational Specialties, it has formed a school pattern featuring three major disciplines, namely, construction, civil engineering and engineering, with work as the core, and through the infiltration and coordinated development of the major disciplines of work, management and art.
Students classified education, training both ability and political integrity
The classification of education school enrollment in graduate school, senior engineer, senior management, technological innovation, social activities, talent, innovation orientation training, students can according to hobbies and skills to choose their own development of the growth target, enhance the competitive power, realize the value of life.
The school has always been to cultivate applied technical talents for educational philosophy, the outstanding engineer training program, pay attention to and strengthen the cultivation of students' engineering practice ability and innovation spirit, established more than 100 practice employment base. The employment rate of graduates has always been among the forefront of the province's colleges, for 6 consecutive years won the "advanced collective" Liaoning college graduates employment honorary title, also won the 2010 and 2011 Shenyang city "advanced unit" title of employment. Urban construction students rely on their pragmatic, down-to-earth and enterprising spirit and enjoy high reputation among thousands of enterprises. The school has become the cradle of future construction engineers.

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