Southwest University of Finance And Economics

Southwest University of Finance And Economics

Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China
Project 211 and Program 985


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is the national key university of the national "211 Project" and "985 project".
The school is located in the national historical and cultural city, the Southern Silk Road starting point, known as "the land of abundance" reputation of Chengdu, there are two Guanghua, Liulin campus, a total area of 2300 acres. Through the ring time feel the history of Guanghua Tieshu memory of sages, towering tower stands proudly feel the youth and future dialogue, ancient and modern, traditional and modern accommodation here each other, is the ideal place for scholarly study.
The school began in 1925 in Guanghua University, founded in Shanghai. Because of the war in 1938, moved to the west to establish More >

University Chengdu branch; financial department 1952-1953 gathered in southwest 17 colleges formed the Sichuan Institute of Finance and economics, this is one of the founding countries according to the layout of four undergraduate colleges of Finance and economics, but also the southwest region only comprehensive financial institutions such as high; after 1960, the merger is divided into in 1978, changed its name, returned to Sichuan Institute of Finance and economics; 1979 from Sichuan Province under the people's Bank of China supervisor, gradually formed a unique school financial industry background and excellent financial discipline; in 1985 changed its name to Southwestern University of Finance and Economics in 1997 to become the focus of the construction of national "211 Project", in 2000 the independent transfer of the management of the Ministry of education, 2011 as the national "985 Project" advantage subject innovation platform construction in Colleges and universities. The school running history of more than 90 years has formed its unique school running characteristics, cultural tradition, spiritual connotation and social reputation.
Huangpu's weather is long, Liu Guanghua spectrum. The school has always been with national destiny, Gezhichengzheng, always with the progress of the development of education to serve the country; and, with the times, Regent Tuqiang, in the national economic take-off wrote meaningful discourse.
Schools adhere to the socialist orientation, fully implement the party and the country's education policy, adhere to the fundamental task of morality education an important mission, personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage and innovation, international exchanges and cooperation. China grounded earth do adhere to the connotation of University, to improve the quality of core development, adhere to the law school, Professor scholarship, democratic management, social participation, and strive to build a distinctive high-level research university of finance.

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