North China University Of Technology

North China University Of Technology

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A quality education is the university’s lifeline. Teaching is a primary focus at NCUT and the center of its activities, while the university also emphasizes the importance of research and the contribution research can make both to the educational environment and to address local and national needs. The undergraduate program offers a full range of undergraduate degrees; there are also numerous graduate degree programs, as well as continuing education programs. The academic education is complemented with moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic training in order to build well-rounded students prepared to meet the challenges of modern society.

To support its on-going research efforts, NCUT has established numerous research institutes, including a Computer Application Institute?Electrical Engineering Institute?Automation Control Institute?Intelligent Traffic Institute?Economic Law More >

Institute, Jurisprudence Institute?Language and Culture Research Center, and an Architecture Design Institute. Professors associated with these institutes undertake many important national and international projects and have achieved national recognition and outstanding awards.

NCUT is also active internationally through over 30 cooperative partnerships and exchanges. Partnerships had been established with universities in the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere. NCUT is qualified to accept international students, who may choose to study in short-term and long-term Chinese language programs or in undergraduate or master degree programs. NCUT students participate in study abroad programs with partner universities through exchange programs or degree-seeking programs.

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